Doorstep Diner

In addition to supplying provisions, we offer the preparation of restaurant-quality meals, cooked at your doorstep.

Menu information can be found below, for special requests and pricing information call 508-680-4126




~Sesame Ginger Steak Tips~ 

~Pan Seared Steak, Choice of Ribeye or NYStrip~ 

~Honey soy chicken skewers~ 

~Whole roasted duck~ 


~Sea Creatures~

~Salmon, pan-seared W/ crispy skin & candied soy glaze~

~Ceviche (choice of fish, shrimp or scallop)~ 

~Black Pepper Seared Tuna Steak~ 

~Tuna Tartar~ 

~Cod (baked or pan-seared)~ 

~Clams Casino~ 

~Fish Fry: Battered and Fried Fish, Herbs, & Veggies~  (full meal)

~Baked Oysters~ 

~Pokè Tacos~


~Veggies and More~

~Grilled Veggie Platter~ 

~Thai Peanut Garden Salad~ 

~Udon Noodle Salad~ 

~Homestyle Lasagne~ 

~Panko Breaded Zucchini-Fries~ 

Sweet Potato Hash~